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Continuing its long international tradition, the Oak Brook Polo Club is pleased to announce that it will be sending a team to the beautiful island nation of Jamaica to compete in a series of outdoor polo matches in the capital of Kingston. The four-man team will depart for the Caribbean on February 22nd to face the Kingston Polo Club and other Jamaica teams and players in competitions beginning on Friday, February 23rd – Sunday, February 25th.

Chicago’s Polo Team will be represented in Jamaica by Club favorite and captain Horacio Onetto (Hcap-4) and fellow Oak Brook and Chicagoland polo players, John Greene (Hcap-0.5), owner and captain of Arranmore Farm & Polo Club, Tod Rackley (Hcap-2) and Chris Vangel (Hcap-1.5). An 8-goal polo team.

Since 2016, the Oak Brook Polo Club has welcomed the Jamaica Polo Team and its many players including: Charlie Chambers, Adam Lang, Jose Laritirigoyen, Marc Melville, Rachel Turner and Jason Wates to the United States. There is a strong bond between the polo communities in Chicago and Jamaica with a long history of reciprocity dating back to the early 1980’s when Michael Butler first hosted Jamaican teams at the Oak Brook Polo Club. Over the last thirty years the bonds have only strengthened with generations of players coming back to play and enjoy the summers in Chicago.

Horacio Onetto

“After two recent seasons of hosting the Jamaican Polo Team at Oak Brook, we have accepted their invitation to play in Kingston with much enthusiasm and excitement,” explains James Drury, President of Oak Brook Polo Club.  “We are sending a strong team of Chicago’s best professional and amateur players to enjoy the healthy competition and camaraderie that has characterized these matches over the many years.  Jamaica’s Marc Melville and his family, have long been dear friends of the Village of Oak Brook, and we are honored by their gracious invitation and generous hospitality.”

 Oak Brook’s first match on Friday, February 23rd will be against Jorge Donovan (Hcap-5), John Byles (Hcap-2), Rachel Turner (Hcap-1) and Adam Lang (Hcap-0). The second match on Sunday, February 25th will be against Paul Lalor (Hcap-3), Mark Wates (Hcap-3), Marc Melville (Hcap-2) and Charlie Chambers (Hcap-0). Both matches will take place at the Kingston Polo Club, which was founded in 1886 at Knutsford Park (New Kingston), now located adjacent to the Caymanas Golf Club and is one of the oldest active polo clubs in the world.  

John Greene

“Jamaica has enjoyed an incredible friendship with Oak Brook Polo Club and indeed Chicago Polo for more than 30 years, says Marc Melville, Jamaica Polo Team Captain. I first went to Chicago to play when I was 16 years old with my father “Danny” and younger brother Zander and last summer took my sons Sam and Toby with me to play there again. This renewal of the friendship between the clubs and our families is wonderful at this time as we get to welcome to Jamaica for the first in a long time some of our oldest and dearest friends. I would be remiss to not mention Jim Drury who from what we have seen has been doing a hell of a job rejuvenating the game in Oak Brook and everyone else there who made the Jamaica team feel so incredibly welcome.  We look forward to returning the hospitality, to the polo and the rivalry but most of all to creating more memories between us that we can share with our families and pass on to those who will be lucky enough to follow behind us.”

Tod Rackley

The Oak Brook Polo Club has been an ambassador to the sport of polo in the United States and has frequently traveled internationally to compete in countries such as Mexico, England, India, Italy, Jamaica, and Ireland to name a few.  


The Jamaica Team has been invited back to Oak Brook for a third straight year to compete in the revitalized Caribbean Cup on Sunday, August 5th. 


Daphne Ortiz



Chris Vangel

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