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MARCH 6TH - 9TH, 2017

After a 14-hour flight the Oak Brook Polo Team arrived in Delhi, India on Tuesday, March 7th. The Team, comprised of Captain Horacio Onetto (H-cap 4), Tomas “Toto” Obregon (H-cap 4) and Derek Berg (H-cap 1), was welcomed by Delhi Polo Club Team Player, Amit Sangwan. Amit drove us to the beautiful Anandpur Polo Estate where our host Vikram Sodhi Singh and his wife Sumathy welcomed us. The Estate resides on the west side of Delhi in an up-and-coming corporate and residential area, but remains secluded from the hustle and bustle of downtown Delhi. After a tour of the facility and getting settled into our quarters for the next three nights, the Team was treated to an authentic Indian dinner at the historic Delhi Golf Club.

After a good nights rest, the team ventured out into downtown Delhi for some brief site seeing and shopping before returning to the Estate for some stick-and-ball and afternoon match against the Jindal Panthers. The Panthers are one of the many teams that compete during the Delhi Polo Club’s regular season. Their team included: Mahesh Sharma (H-cap 1), Sanjay Kapur (H-cap 0), Naveen Singh (H-cap 2) and Simran Shergill (H-cap 6). Our host, Vikram Sodhi Singh would become Oak Brook Polo’s #4 player.

Horacio Onetto

Vikram Sodhi Singh, Horacio Onetto, Tomas "Toto" Obregon and Derek Berg

 The four chukker international match got off to a fast start with the Panthers scoring three goals in the first chukker. The Panthers would score seven points in the first half to Oak Brook’s one point.  However, the Oak Brook Polo Team would hit its stride near the end of the third chukker going on to score four more goals to the Panther’s three goals. Horacio Onetto scored all of Oak Brook’s points with assists from Toto Obregon, Derek Berg and Vikram. The Panther’s Simran Shergill, would score seven of the team’s 10 total points, including an impressive neck shot from 50-yards out to close the third chukker. Overall the game was a fast and competitive match covering the entire field. Despite the slow start, the Oak Brook Polo Team played a tough and well-fought match, especially in the second half. The final score of the match was 10 to 5 in favor of the Panthers. 

The day concluded with an Indian barbeque at the Estate with match attendees, friends of the Sodhi family and all members of the Jindal Panthers Team. 

The Team’s last day in Delhi was a tour of the Taj Mahal in the City of Arga, India and Jama Masjid, one of India’s largest mosques. Amit Sangwan was our driver and tour guide for the day taking us through all different parts of Arga, India.


Daphne Ortiz



The second half of the trip, the Oak Brook Polo Team will venture up north to the Punjab District where they will visit “The Holy City of Bliss,” Anandpur Sahib. The Team will compete a series of mixed team arena polo matches before competing in the fourth annual Sodhi Kishan Memorial Polo Cup during the final day of the Holla Mohalla celebration.

L to R: Naveen Singh, Sanjay Kapur, Toto Oregon, Vikram Sodhi Singh, Mahesh Sharma, Simran Shergill, Horacio Onetto and Derek Berg w/ the Anandpur Sahib Heritage Foundation International Polo Cup.

Oak Brook Polo Team at the Taj Mahal with Delhi Polo Club player Amit Sangwan. 

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