JULY 11TH, 2019

The Oak Brook Polo Open,presented by Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse, kicked off yesterday with two hard fought 6-chukker matches. The first began at 10:00 AM between G-Squaredand Font Family Farmfollowed by the second between Oak Brook Polo Cluband Morgan Creek.


G-Squared’s Team comprised of Larry Aschebrook (Hcap 0), Chris Vangel (Hcap 1), Matias Obregon (Hcap 4) and Juan Martin Gutierrez (Hcap 2). Font Family Farm’s team included Maximo Font (Hcap 1), Mason Phelps (Hcap 0), Billy Mudra (Hcap-3), and Pedro Miquel (Hcap-3). Font Farm began the match with a two-point handicap and was quick to expand that lead to 3 with goal a from Miquel. G-Squared’s Gutierrez would answer back with two back-to-back goals ending the first chukker 3-2. 

In the second chukker, G-Squared would go on a 4-goal streak beginning with two from Gutierrez, followed by Obregon and then Aschebrook. Miquel of Font Farm would end the 2ndchukker with a goal to bring the score to 6-4 in G-Squared’s favor. G-Squared would expand on the lead by another three goals from Obregon and keeping Font Farm scoreless ending the 3rdchukker and half 9-4.


Gutierrez would open the 2ndhalf with a goal to give G-Squared a 6-point lead. Miquel of Font Farm would answer with their own goal to bring G-Squared’s lead back down to five only for Obregon to bring it back to six to close out the 4thchukker. The 5thand 6thchukker was a ‘cat and mouse’ game between Obregon and Miquel answering each other’s goals (3-goals each) to the very end keeping G-Squared’s lead only to six points. The final score 14-8, G-Squared. 


G-Squared will play Passion for Polo Thursday, July 11that 5:00 PM in Barrington, Illinois.

The second match was between local rivals Oak Brook and Morgan Creek. Oak Brook’s Team comprised of John Greene (Hcap 0), Gracie Mudra (Hcap 1), Horacio Onetto (Hcap 4) and Tomas Obregon (Hcap 4). Green served as a substitute for team captain, Jim Drury, who had a last-minute schedule conflict.


Morgan Creek’s team included James Sanfilippo (Hcap 1),  Tod Rackley (Hcap 2), Lindor Novillo Corvalan (Hcap 4) and Dean Kleronomos (Hcap 1). Morgan Creek began the match with a one goal point handicap and was quick to expand that lead to two with a goal from Kleronomos. Oak Brook’s Onetto would answer back with a goal only for Corvalan of Morgan Creek to score and end the 1stchukker 3-1. 

Corvalan would begin the 2ndchukker with a goal to expand Morgan Creek’s lead to three, but Oak Brook’s Obregon would answer back to keep their lead to two ending 4-2. 


The match would get competitive in the 3rdchukker with Morgan Creek putting up two goals by Corvalan and Rackley to expand the team’s lead by four. Oak Brook’s Obregon, Mudra and Onetto would each put up a goal to bring Morgan Creek’s lead down to one to end the first half. 


In the 4thchukker, Morgan Creek would expand that lead back to two with goals from Corvalan and Kleronomos. Onetto would score the only goal for Oak Brook to end the 4thchukker 8-6. In the 5thchukker, Oak Brook would its stride putting up five goals and keeping Morgan Creek scoreless. Onetto would knock in 4 straight goals followed by teammate Obregon. This would give Oak Brook the lead to 11-8 to end the 5thchukker. 


Obregon score one more goal for Oak Brook as well as Morgan Creek’s Corvalan to bring the final score to 12-9, Oak Brook. 


Oak Brook’s next match is at 10:00 AM on Friday, July 12thagainst Font Family Farm at Arranmore.


The Oak Brook Polo Openis the second of five Chicago Polo 8-Goal League tournaments that feature some of Chicagoland’s best polo teams and players. This year’s tournament features five teams: Font Family Farm, G-Squared, Morgan Creek, Oak Brook and Passion for Polo. 


The Oak Brook Polo Open was inaugurated in the early 1980s, possibly earlier, and was the biggest medium-goal tournament in the Midwest. The Open is one of five (5) Chicago Polo Association (Chicago Polo) 8-Goal League Tournaments being played from late June through August. The League is comprised of local and out-of-state teams, including Font Farm, G-Squared, Morgan Creek, Passion For Polo, St. Louis, Minneapolis, and others.


The Championship match will be played at Oak Brook at the Prince of Wales Field (2606 York Road) in Oak Brook, Illinois on Sunday, July 14that 3:15 PM.


For continued match updates, follow the Oak Brook Polo club on Facebook and Instagram, visit our website or subscribe to our e-newsletter.  For general information, event scheduling, tickets and parking directions, please visit www.oakbrookpoloclub.comor call 630.368.5095. 


Daphne Ortiz

Oak Brook Polo Club



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